5 Reasons Why You Need A Checkweigher

There are many reasons why it may be necessary to use a Checkweigher in your production line to be compliant to the regulations but there are other important benefits a Checkweigher brings to your process. 

Checkweighers Make You Money!

As well as ensuring your products are compliant Checkweighers increase your profit and reduce product waste and giveaway, resulting in an immediate positive effect on your process.  Payback on Checkweighers can be easily calculated and often pay for themselves in a matter of months.

Avoid Costly Fines & Damage to your reputation!

Whilst sample-based weight checking of products may keep you compliant it is much more efficient to weigh every package in the production line. When Checkweighing 100% of your packages you get a true reflection of real production and improved quality which is not possible when doing sample-based weighing. By automatically weighing every product you can be 100% certain every package is compliant and have the reports generated by the Checkweigher to back this up.

Reduce Giveaway to Produce More and Increase Profits

Weighing all packages enables you to monitor and reduce giveaway during the production process with feedback to other machines in the production line such as filling and slicing machines.

High Accuracy Performance

Our Checkweighers are extremely accurate and are high quality products, providing real-time reports of Individual pack weights, Batch Totals, and full Average Weight data.  All these reports can easily be accessed and forwarded to your customer for Quality Assurance. 

Labour Saving Operation

Sample based and Manual Checkweighing systems require a lot of Operator intervention and time.  Use of an Automatic Scale eliminates potential sampling errors & labour costs.

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