X-Ray Inspection

X-Ray Inspection

X-ray detection is becoming more and more popular with Food manufacturers and provides improved safety and brand protection.

In addition to checking for metal contaminants, X-ray systems can detect bone, glass, stone and dense plastics within food products, as well as having the ability to detect metal contaminants within foil trays or metallized packaging.

INSPIRON SYSTEMS LTD have a wealth of experience in Inspection, Weighing and Labelling Systems and not only do we supply high quality products we also offer unrivalled after sales support across the UK and Ireland.

The INS-TXE range come with optional automatic Reject units, Easy-setup, Large clear touch-screen display and additional options to comply with both BRC and Supermarket Specifications.

Why use X-Ray Inspection?

X-ray is becoming the preferred option for inspection systems, especially for Food factories who supply major supermarkets.  X-Ray inspection gives a higher level of accuracy, reduces product recalls and protects your company brand and reputation.

X-Ray Inspection benefits include:

Detect a much wider range of contaminants

  • Great detection of ferrous, non-ferrous and stainless steel metal contaminants
  • Reliable detection of bone, bone, stone and dense plastics & and other foreign bodies

Accurate inspection of products in aluminium trays or metallized foil packaging

  • Detects stainless steel and non-ferrous in food packed in aluminium trays and foil packaging

Check the quality of products being scanned

  • X-Ray systems can simultaneously inspect the quality of packaged goods such as missing items or damaged items such as broken tablets

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