ESPERA NOVA – Weigh Price Labeller and Checkweigher all in one!

The ESPERA NOVA Weigh Price Labeller is one of our most versatile and user friendly machines on the market.

Using the ESPERA NOVA machines increases your production efficiency and reduces breakdowns that could have been avoided!

Often food production lines use a dedicated Checkweigher and have a separate print and apply system but did you know, it is more cost affective to use an Espera Nova in Checkweigher mode.  Like a normal Checkweigher all out of range packages can be automatically rejected into a secure bin meaning only good packages are labelled and recorded in the Checkweigher data.

The same machine can also be used for Random weight packages, giving you complete flexibility!

There are many advantages to using an ESPERA NOVA weigh price labeller machine rather than a separate Checkweighers and Print Apply System, some of the key benefits of the ESPERA NOVA are:

  • SmartHead – real time print quality check system
  • Fast change of label roll
  • Up to 140 packs per minute from the top and / or bottom
  • Intuitive software with easy label and barcode creation software
  • IPx5 Water protection
  • Automatic product guides and printer positioning meaning product changeover can be done in seconds
  • Predictive Maintenance – reduce breakdown!
  • OEE Dashboard
  • Remote Support – get help 24 hours a day / 7 days a week without the need for a site visit

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