Industrial Label Applicators and Printers for 2022

There are many different solutions for industrial label applicators and printers – in 2022, technology is becoming ever-more advanced. Some label application and printing machines will be better suited to industrial environments than others. The new year is always a time of business planning and strategising, where businesses consider the ways they can enhance their technology and improve performance. Here, find out which systems will work best in an industrial environment and explore the range of machines available for your business in 2022.

Types of Label Applicators and Printers

These are the main types of industrial label applicators and printers for 2022 that you may want to consider for use in an industrial environment:

  • Label applicators. Also known as labelling machines, label applicators are used to apply labels to the surface of a product or its packaging. They ensure labels are accurately applied and securely fixed, streamlining production processes in an industrial environment. They can achieve speeds of 55 mtr/min and are available with various conveyor sizes.
  • Print apply systems. These advanced systems will create labels then apply them directly to a product, merging the two processes of printing and labelling into one. Using a print apply system will ensure the risk of human error is minimised and production processes are optimised. They can achieve speeds of 200 pieces per minute with various print widths; additional features include multi-language printing, integrated label design software and integrated conveyor systems.
  • C/D wrap labelling machines. Both C and D wrap labels are often used in the food industry. C/D wrap labelling machines can automatically apply these types of labels to packaging, with key features including multiple label applications on one machine, high accuracy labelling, fast print technology and large label reel capacity.
  • Weigh price labellers (manual and automatic). Weight price labellers are a highly advanced type of machine to label packaged products that are priced by weight. Industrial machines can work at speeds of up to 140 packs per minute, using Industry 4.0 and IoT technology. They are equipped with 3D product image recognition technology, interactive service, swap and go applicators, SmartHead technology and more to meet all industrial needs.
  • Outer case labelling applicators. Outer case labelling applicators will give you more flexibility to print labels and barcodes onto bulk products and boxes. Automatic OCM’s are capable of speeds up to 45 weighing’s per minute and Manual OCM’s can print onto labels or card.

Which Label Applicator and Printer Should You Choose?

We are proud to represent ESPERA-WERKE GMBH, one of the most reputable German manufacturers in the printing and labelling industry. We distribute their complete product range across the UK and Ireland – we will be happy to discuss your options with you and find the ideal product to meet your needs. You can also browse the various printing and labelling machines available on our website and choose the ideal system to optimise production in 2022.

Our printing and labelling machines streamline processes and create optimum production conditions in industrial environments. To discuss our product range or to request a quote, please call 01788 890235, email or send us a message.

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