About the Balancas Marques BM5

Inspiron Systems are proud to be the exclusive distributors for the Balancas Marques company in the UK. Balancas Marques are a private family-owned manufacturer of scales based in Portugal and selling worldwide.

The Balancas Marques BM5 range of scales has been voted the best retail scale in the world by the Weighing Review magazine for the past 3 years. These superbly crafted machines are not just scales, they are part of a complete ETPOS (Electronic Point of Sale) system, which has also received world recognition as a software package.

Retail Scales for Farm Shops & Cafes

As a product for use in a Farm shop environment the BM5 has few equals. With a high-resolution colour touch screen user interface, and second high resolution customer facing display, which can be used to show the customer’s order status, and run display advertising messages for special offers etc. Imagine a network of scales and terminals connected. A customer can purchase goods from various locations around the shop, the final order being collected on a machine connected to a cash register. The customer is then able to make the payment by card/cash, or a combination of the two.

If you have a café attached to the farm shop the same system can be used to take table orders, display to the kitchen what needs to be prepared, and take the final payment after the customer has finished their meal or snack.

Do you sell clothing, or other non-food items in the farm shop? No problem, the Balances Marques ETPOS system has you covered there as well.

Product labels and receipts are produced by the system, which is also fully approved for use as a billing software that allows the management and control, of points of sale in a simple and reliable way, with excellent results. With more than 30,000 installations in different countries, ETPOS adapts to the demands of different markets and to different legal and fiscal obligations.

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