The Cost of Food Recalls

The Cost of Food Recalls

The cost of food recalls is a significant, and mostly, avoidable expense for any business. Food recalls can be due to incorrect labelling, cross contamination, and foreign contaminants. To avoid food recalls Inspiron Systems would recommend investing in your end-of-line production equipment by ensuring that you have up to date software and machinery, but also user-friendly interfaces installed to make the end-of-line production process as efficient as possible.

Incorrect and inadequate food labelling is a cause for concern. Ingredients that are missing, food wrongly identified as allergen safe, incorrect use by dates on products. All these examples would lead to a whole batch having to be recalled to protect the consumer.  Natasha’s Law came into effect in October 2021 making it a legal requirement for all pre-packaged direct for sale food to have a full list of ingredients and allergens clearly labelled.

Cross contamination can also come from the production line. Food can be contaminated when the machinery isn’t cleaned efficiently. You will need waterproof/resistant equipment in your production line. Visually inspecting the equipment is fine but deep cleaning is a must. To give you piece of mind that your production line safe for deep and powerful cleaning Inspiron can provide you with completely water-resistant equipment.

Foreign contaminants can range from metallic to non-metallic contaminants (glass, ceramic, stone, bone, hard rubber, hard plastic, etc.). You need to intercept anything that is contaminated before it reaches the consumer. X-ray and metal detection systems are a must have for any food production line. We aren’t past the first quarter of 2022 and there have already been countless food recalls due to foreign contaminants such as plastic in a national supermarket brand’s ice cream and plastic pieces in plant-based burgers from another well-known supermarket.

Inspiron Can Help You

Inspiron systems are proud to be able to provide weighing, labelling and inspection machinery that fulfil all the above requirements. We represent the renowned German manufacturer ESPERA-WERKE GMBH, distributing their complete product range across the UK and Ireland. Espera are spearheading the development of next generation weighing and labelling technology and are market leaders in this field. The Espera Nova checkweigher/weigh price labeller has washdown capable machine technology, completely customisable labelling options and smart control to provide the ultimate user experience.

Inspiron Systems also supplies a complete range of inspection systems which can be tailored to suit your exact needs, these include Metal Detectors, X-ray Inspection and Vision Inspection machinery. Our inspection systems are fully customisable to suit your exact requirements. Whether you need a system for further processing or for end of line inspection, we have the solution.


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