Reducing Giveaway and Underfilling, Whilst Improving Efficiency

Reducing Giveaway/Overfill Infographic

Increasing Efficiency in Food Manufacturing: In today’s competitive food and beverage market maximising profits and increasing efficiency, whilst not compromising product quality, is at the forefront of every manufacturer’s mind.


Underfilling can be an expensive error to encounter in any production line. For example, in 2015 Tesco had to withdraw nearly 67,000 of its own brand packets of garlic bread. This was due to Aberdeenshire Council’s Trading Standards Service discovering that the packs were below the weight that was stated on the package. This meant £93,000 worth of product had to be recalled due to a weight error. “One 290g pack was recorded as having a net weight of 229.8g – about 20% lighter than stated.” (The Guardian).  Whilst a big supermarket giant like Tesco may be able to recoup these costs elsewhere, not all businesses can afford to waste such a large amount of product, time, and money.

Garlic Bread

Overfilling and Giveaway

The answer is not necessarily to over fill. Product giveaway may not seem to be a huge concern, but a couple of grams here and there soon adds up over time. It may make your customers happy however if you then increase your prices to cover these additional costs you may see an impact on brand image, especially in today’s current economic climate where the cost of living is rocketing.

To avoid both under and over filling your products at the final stages of the production line, Inspiron Systems would highly recommend following these four steps:

  1. Invest in an accurate and precise Checkweigher.
  2. Ensure you have efficient data collection software.
  3. Train your operators and engineers to the very best standard.
  4. Regularly maintain and service your machinery.


Accurate Checkweighers

A checkweigher from Inspiron is an investment that will see you reduce your costs and maximise your profits. Whilst sample-based weight checking of products may keep you compliant it is much more efficient to weigh every package in the production line. By automatically weighing every product you can be 100% certain every package is compliant and have the reports generated by the Checkweigher to support this. Weighing every single product also enables you to monitor giveaway in the production line, the INS-CW Entry level system comes with an automatic reject system for non-conforming products to ensure that none end up in the Despatch area. Our range of automatic checkweighers also require less human intervention and operation thus saving you labour costs.


Data Collection Methods

We have a vast array of software options to suit all types of equipment supplied by us along with third party systems. Our Checkweigher range can provide real-time reports detailing individual pack weights, batch totals and full average weight data. These reports can be accessed easily and used to provide quality assurance. Our INS-CW Entry Level Series saves all weighing records to USB or directly to a mapped Network drive. Our INS-CW-04 uses an embedded Windows operating system and an SQL Server Database System which can be accessed from multiple PC’s on your network.


To ensure our customers get the most out of their machinery we provide Operator, QA, and Engineer training. This ensures that all users know how to operate the machinery to its full capability. Training can be provided both on and off site to suit your requirements.


A poorly maintained machine will never operate to the best of its ability no matter how advanced it may be. We offer a range of service support plans to ensure support is always available when you need it.  Our Support Plans range from a simple Annual Health Check up to a Fully Inclusive Contract with 24 hours telephone and remote support.

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