Upgrading to a Combination System

Inspiron Systems supply state of the art, robust and reliable Checkweigher Metal Detector Combination Systems for all types of applications at affordable prices. There are many things to consider when investing in new machinery for your factory floor. Will I be losing space? What about training our operators on the new machinery? Where will the new machine go? Will this machine really increase efficiency? Upgrading to a Combination System is the way forward.

Save Space

Floor space can be incredibly limited in a food production line, so we understand how important it is to make sure every inch is utilised in the most efficient way possible.

We have several different levels of combination systems, from entry level weighing and checking 40 pieces per minute all the way up to full supermarket specification running at 200 pieces per minute. These systems are ideal for factories looking to save space whilst increasing their efficiency.

Our combination systems have integrated metal detectors meaning you can check weigh and detect any foreign metal contaminants at a single point in the production line. There is no need for extra conveyor belts to transport the products around the end of line production facility. Our Combination Systems are compact and designed to save you space.

Cost effective

A combination system is a cost-effective investment. With the ability to monitor both product giveaway and product quality it is a sure-fire way to ensure that all products you send out are compliant with both the Weights and Measures Packaged Goods Regulation  and HACCP. Using Inspiron’s machinery will help reduce product recalls, avoids unnecessary giveaway/underfilling, and prevents damage to your brand should a contaminant be found by the consumer.

Operator Friendly

Training can be a costly and a time-consuming task for any business. A huge benefit of having a combination system is that all the processes are done from one machine meaning you only need to train operators to use one interface. At Inspiron we install the equipment on-site with fully qualified and professional engineers and provide on, and off-site, training for both operators and engineers.

Other features include:

  • Multi language
  • Data storage
  • Large memory capacity

Our Combination systems

Our combination systems have reject mechanisms (Option include Flipper, Air Jet, Pusher, and Drop Conveyor) to automatically reject under/overweight products and to reject contaminated products, products will be diverted into separate bins. Our machines meet the latest Health & Safety standards and comply with the latest BRC legislation with upgradable options to comply with specific supermarket standards.

Combination Machine Stats
1. The technical parameters above have been tested in a controlled atmosphere and with test samples. The performance and accuracy may be affected by your actual product and production conditions
2. The Conveyor speed will be adjusted according to your product weight and dimensions and may therefore reduce the overall performance
3. Packs must be presented to the Checkweigher sufficiently spaced to ensure correct weighing without errors

Reject Options


To reject out of tolerance products in different directions by 1 or 2 diverter arms, which is suitable for boxed and packaged products.

Air Jet

To reject out of tolerance products by air blast. Suitable for high-speed sorting of small and light weight products only.


Air Cylinder Pusher reject for non-conforming packs. Suitable for medium speed applications and for heavy products.

Retracing Belt

Retracting Conveyor Belt is suitable for rejecting small and unwrapped products. Not suitable for products that can be easily damaged.

Other space saving and cost-effective solutions

We are proud suppliers of a full range of set ups to aid your end of line production process and beyond. We don’t just offer combination systems!

Our Espera Nova New Generation Weigh Labellers are capable of speeds of up to 140 packs per minute, labelling from the top and / or bottom. This new generation machine is built using Industry 4.0 and IoT technology and is the most advanced Weigh Labelling machines available in the market.  Equipped with 3D Product Image Recognition Camera, Interactive Service, Swap & Go Applicators, SmartHead technology and Think4Industry software, the ESPERA NOVA generation gives you complete control and transparency in your Production process.

We also have a range of Xray Inspection Machinery if you are needing to detect a wider range of potential contaminants.  The INS-TXE is our Entry Level X-Ray Inspection System, compact in design the TXE model can easily be positioned in place of an existing Belt Metal Detector.

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