Food Traceability: Why Is It So Important For Your Business?

Food Traceability
Food Traceability: What is it and Why is it so Important For Your Business?

From butchers to restaurants, businesses in the food industry face many challenges daily. One of them is food traceability. Today, we will explain to you what a traceability system is and why it is so important.

Whether you have a butchers shop, a deli shop, or a restaurant, you deal with food products daily, which poses several challenges for business management, whether in terms of legal obligations or the safety of what you serve to your customers.

But What is Food Traceability?

According to the dictionary, in the industry, traceability refers to the “ability to follow the course of a product, or to know its process of production, handling, transformation, packaging or shipping”.

That is, when applied to food, the concept designates the possibility of “following the trail” of the product or an ingredient throughout the distribution chain.

In practice, a tracking system means having a record with several information about the history of an item, for example the place of origin, the suppliers, and the places through it went until reach your business.

Why is Traceability so Important?

Ensuring the traceability of all food products and all ingredients that enter your business is no easy task. But it brings you several benefits, allowing you to fulfill goals such as:

Winning the trust of your customers – Keeping a record with complete information about your products and sharing it with your customers is perceived as an attitude of transparency, helping your business to gain more trust.

Facilitate product quality control – Having access to the entire history of your products since production facilitates the quality control process, helping, for example, to identify the source of food safety problems.

To ensure the traceability of products from your butcher, grocery store or restaurant make sure you have a reliable software installed such as ETPOS or Xtrace.

All you need to do is create internal batches associate them with information regarding the precedence of the items’ raw materials and activate batch identification in documents.

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