Does Your Business use a Targeted Traceability Solution?

Does Your Business use a Targeted Traceability Solution? Inspiron Systems Ltd now offer a targeted traceability solution for Meat, Fish, Poultry and Cheese Processors. The XTrace traceability solution maintains labelling and traceability compliance, at the same time keeping a true record of production and operations.

X-trace Tracability

Inspiron Systems has partnered with Xtrace Systems to provide the following operational components of their production system

  • Factory Intake Module
  • Production Module
  • Packing and Labelling Module
  • Waste Management Module
  • Order Picking and Despatch Module
  • Order Processing
  • Reporting Module
  • Profit and Loss Module
  • 3rd Party Software Integration module

Future modules in development are

  • Recipe Formulation
  • Quality Data Capture and Reporting Module
  • KPI setting and Monitoring Module
  • Kill Line Module

Xtrace Systems can be deployed on suitable existing hardware (terminals, scales, scanners, printers) or on new, state of the art, hardware supplied and supported by Inspiron Systems Ltd.

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