ESPERA NOVA SmartHead Technology

Image of SmartHead Technology Display screen
Increase Efficiency and Decrease Unexpected Downtime

Increase your efficiency and reduce production downtime with the ESPERA NOVA. Costly labelling errors and printing mistakes can be harmful to your business profit margin.

One key issue within food production is recalls. The cost of food recalls is a significant, and mostly, avoidable expense for any business. Food recalls can be due to incorrect labelling, poor quality labelling or defective labels on products. Food recalls do not only lead to unnecessary product waste, but food recalls can also damage a business’s reputation. These unexpected costs can be avoided by investing in a market leading ESPERA NOVA weigh price labeller/checkweigher with Think4Industry & SmartHead technology.

There are strict guidelines and standard that need to be met to sell food and drink products in the U.K, the label must be:

  • Clear and easy to read
  • Permanent
  • Easy to understand
  • Easily visible
  • Not misleading

Decreasing print quality at the end of a thermal head life span is normal and to be expected. The key to avoiding any issues due to this, is how to handle this matter and intervene before it becomes a problem for your labelling process.

ESPERA’s digital SmartHead technology offers a unique 3 step solution for the printing quality control and printing quality optimization.

  • Realtime information about remaining runtime of a thermal head
  • Realtime information about defect dots / destroyed dots on a thermal head
  • Realtime label visualisation to control the printing quality
  • Messaging system in case of loss of printing quality
  • Automatic optimizing of printing quality to avoid unexpected downtime for thermal head maintenance
  • Reduction of unexpected downtimes in current production
  • Realtime visualisation of damaged printing fields on a label
  • Realtime label layout adaptions on the fly to optimize printing field

If you would like to increase efficiency and reduce production downtime then we will be happy to help. We will ensure we understand your business requirements and match features to your specific needs. Call 01788 890235, email or send us a message.


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