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Upgrade to a Combination System today. Inspiron Systems provide cutting-edge, durable, and dependable Checkweigher Metal Detector Combination Systems for a wide range of applications at competitive costs. When investing in new machinery for your manufacturing floor, there are numerous factors to consider. Will I run out of room? What about training our employees on the new equipment? Where will the new machine be placed? Will this gadget boost efficiency? The path forward is to upgrade to a Combination System.

Space Saving:

Floor space in a food manufacturing line may be quite restricted, therefore we realise how critical it is to ensure that every inch is used as efficiently as possible.

We offer a variety of Combination Systems ranging from entry level weighing and checking at 40 pieces per minute to full supermarket standard operating at 200 pieces per minute. These solutions are perfect for operations that want to reduce space while enhancing productivity.

Because our Combination Systems have integrated metal detectors, you will be able to verify, weigh and identify any foreign metal contamination at a single stage in the manufacturing process. Extra conveyor belts are not required to transfer the items around the end of line production. Our Combination Systems are small and compact, saving you room.

Combination System, A Checkweigher and Metal Detector Integrated

Cost Effective:

A Combination System is a low-cost investment. With the ability to monitor both product giveaway and product quality, you can be certain that all items you send out comply with both the Weights and Measures Packaged Goods Regulation and HACCP. Using Inspiron technology will reduce product recalls, minimise needless giveaway/underfilling, and protect your brand if a contamination is discovered by the customer.

Operator Friendly

Training is an expensive and time-consuming responsibility for any company. A significant advantage of a Combination System is that all functions are performed on a single machine, requiring only one interface to be trained. Inspiron Systems will install the equipment on-site with fully certified and experienced engineers. We will provide both on-site and off-site training for both operators and engineers.

Other features include:

  • Multi language
  • Data storage
  • Large memory cap
Reject Mechanisms

Our Combination Systems include various reject mechanisms (options include Flipper, Air Jet, Pusher, and Drop Conveyor) that automatically reject under/overweight items and redirect products into different bins to reject contaminated products. Our machines comply with the most recent Health & Safety regulations and BRC laws, with upgradeable options to fulfil individual supermarket criteria.


1 or 2 diverter arms are used to reject out-of-tolerance products in different directions. Suitable for boxed and packaged products.

Air Jet:

Air blast is used to reject out-of-tolerance products. Only suitable for high-speed sorting of small and light-weight items.


Air Cylinder Non-conforming packs are rejected by the pusher. Suitable for medium-speed and heavy-duty applications.

Retracing Belt:

Small and unwrapped products can be rejected using a retracting conveyor belt. Not recommended for easily damaged products.

Upgrading to a Combination System with Inspiron Systems.

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