The Espera ES-E

The Espera ES-E: The Essential Weigh-Price Labeller

The Espera ES-E: The Essential Weigh-Price Labeller is the latest addition to the Espera Nova range. It is developed and designed to meet food production demands of up to 80 Packs per minute. A huge number of food production plants demand that medium speed requirements but on the same time, a maximum hygienics and automation standard. The ES-E  achieves these requirements with ease. High performance with a premium hygienic stainless steel design.

The Espera ES-E: The Essential Weigh-Price Labeller

The new ES-E Weigh-Price Labeller comes with a range of features & benefits to make Automatic Weighing and Labelling processes as easy as ever.

The Most Sustainable System in the Market.

The ES-E Weigh-Price Labeller has been designed to be a fully energy saving and sustainable concept:

  • The only Automatic Weigh-Price Labeller that runs without external compressed air.
  • The label application process top side is realised via an integrated air box. This generates the energy and the air for the label application by itself.
  • The ESPERA ES-E machine has a power consumption compared to household machines.
  • Firstly, choose from a variety of scale sizes, and configure the weighing belt according to the product demands.
  • The scale concept is based on a multi-interval scale technology. There are 3 different scales available for the 430 mm weighing belt.
  • The ES-E weighing technology meets the 0.5g deviation (accuracy).
  • Finally, the ES-E is available with a 650 mm “long” weighing belt.


Unique Top Label Application Concept

The top label application unit is a fully electronic controlled concept. The advantage of the electronic applicator control is greater labelling accuracy and smooth label application.

Due to the electronics, the applicator can be controlled during the entire labelling process and can adapt its speed according to the package and belt speed at any time.
The entire application concept is based on a linear contact applicator, but with the possibility to adapt the contact force to a very sensitive level, for a smooth label application which is also able to be used for fruit & vegetable products.


Unique Suspension Belt for Bottom Label Application

The bottom label application is realized via a suspension belt that transports the label on the adhesive side towards the package. Therefore, this gives precise labelling and protects the label from dirt and dust during the transportation process.

ES-E Suspension Belt For Bottom Labelling

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