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X-Ray Inspection in 2024

X-ray Inspection X-ray Inspection in 2024 is becoming the new normal within the food production industry due to its enhanced safety measures and brand safeguarding capabilities. These systems are expert at detecting foreign objects such as bone, glass, stone, and dense polymers present in food items, as well as identifying metal contaminants within foil trays […]
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The Espera ES-E

The Espera ES-E: The Essential Weigh-Price Labeller The Espera ES-E: The Essential Weigh-Price Labeller is the latest addition to the Espera Nova range. It is developed and designed to meet food production demands of up to 80 Packs per minute. A huge number of food production plants demand that medium speed requirements but on the […]
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A New & Balancas Marques Installation

Balancas Marques in the UK

Inspiron Systems are proud to be the exclusive distributors for the Balancas Marques company in the UK. Balancas Marques are a private family-owned manufacturer of scales based in Portugal and selling worldwide. Inspiron Systems have just installed a new OCM station at AA Foods, Leicester. The OCM station features the new Balanças Marques BM500-17 industrial PC […]
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Upgrade to a Combination System Today with Inspiron Systems

Upgrade to a Combination System today. Inspiron Systems provide cutting-edge, durable, and dependable Checkweigher Metal Detector Combination Systems for a wide range of applications at competitive costs. When investing in new machinery for your manufacturing floor, there are numerous factors to consider. Will I run out of room? What about training our employees on the […]
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OUR NOVA PRODUCT FAMILY IS GROWING! ESPERA NEW PRODUCT RELEASE ES-E AND ES-B MACHINES. We are pleased to announce the launch of Espera’s new NOVA ES-E and ES-B systems. Two completely new, fully automated weigh-price labellers with the ideal label application for medium and high-performance needs. Within the NOVA product line, there are economical and […]
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Inspiron Checkweighers Add Value to your Business

Inspiron Checkweighers add value to your business. Why are Checkweighers so popular among manufacturers? Inspiron Checkweighers are a crucial component of the production process. Checkweighing technologies are crucial in the food and pharmaceutical sectors, where exact weights and labelling are required. Checkweighers, due to their precision and automation, promote operational efficiency and cost savings. Checkweighers […]
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Metal detector or X-ray inspection?

Metal detector or X-ray inspection? Which is best for inspecting food? Deciding between a Metal Detector or an X-Ray Inspection System can seem overwhelming but investing in the right Inspection system for your business is crucial. To protect your reputation, profit, and customer’s health, every food package should be inspected. Food safety is paramount for […]
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Image of SmartHead Technology Display screen

ESPERA NOVA SmartHead Technology

Increase Efficiency and Decrease Unexpected Downtime Increase your efficiency and reduce production downtime with the ESPERA NOVA. Costly labelling errors and printing mistakes can be harmful to your business profit margin. One key issue within food production is recalls. The cost of food recalls is a significant, and mostly, avoidable expense for any business. Food […]
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