Bench Scale


BMX1 Scale with Display


Weight display with 6 digits of 25 mm.

2nd display line with 5 mm digits.

28-key multifunction keyboard.

999 programmable articles with:


Article name 24 characters;


Article Tare

Unit Weight.


Fixing the tare.


Programmable Taras.

Manual introduction of tare with possibility of multiplication.


Automatic or manual winding.


Function Weight-Tare and Count Parts with:


Printing pre-configured tickets (Tara, Gross, Net)

Printing of pre-configured labels with dimensions of 60X60 or 100X100 mm (net weight, unit weight, number of pieces);

2 programmable header lines with 16 characters.

2 RS 232 ports with multiple communication protocols.

Real time clock.

Stainless steel construction.

Stainless steel dish of 245 x 335 mm.

Option of equipment with battery.

Connection to the second platform (to any one of the range of platforms Marques).


BMX1 1D 1,5/3kg#

BMX1 1D 1,5/3kg - c/Battery#

BMX1 1D 3kg#

BMX1 1D 3kg - c/Battery#

BMX1 1D 3/6kg#

BMX1 1D 3/6kg - c/Battery#


BMX1 1D 6kg#

BMX1 1D 6kg - c/Battery#

BMX1 1D 6/15kg#

BMX1 1D 6/15kg - c/Battery#

BMX1 1D 15kg#

BMX1 1D 15kg - c/Battery#

BMX1 1D 15/30kg#

BMX1 1D 15/30kg - c/Battery#

BMX1 1D 30kg#

BMX1 1D 30kg - c/Battery#

BMX1 2D 1,5/3kg#
BMX1 2D 1,5/3kg - c/Battery#

BMX1 2D 3kg#
BMX1 2D 3kg - c/Battery#

BMX1 2D 3/6kg#
BMX1 2D 3/6kg - c/Battery#
BMX1 2D 6kg#
BMX1 2D 6kg - c/
BMX1 2D 6/15kg#
BMX1 2D 6/15kg - c/
BMX1 2D 15kg#
BMX1 2D 15kg - c/
BMX1 2D 15/30kg#
BMX1 2D 15/30kg - c/
BMX1 2D 30kg#
BMX1 2D 30kg - c/
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