Metal Detectors

Upgrade to a Combination System Today with Inspiron Systems

Upgrade to a Combination System today. Inspiron Systems provide cutting-edge, durable, and dependable Checkweigher Metal Detector Combination Systems for a wide range of applications at competitive costs. When investing in new machinery for your manufacturing floor, there are numerous factors to consider. Will I run out of room? What about training our employees on the […]
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Metal detector or X-ray inspection?

Metal detector or X-ray inspection? Which is best for inspecting food? Deciding between a Metal Detector or an X-Ray Inspection System can seem overwhelming but investing in the right Inspection system for your business is crucial. To protect your reputation, profit, and customer’s health, every food package should be inspected. Food safety is paramount for […]
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A Guide to our Top Quality Metal Detectors

Give your business an advantage by investing in a top-quality Metal Detector from Inspiron Systems LTD. Food safety is paramount for all Food Manufacturers, many product recalls are caused by the failure to detect foreign objects in packaged foods, incorrect labelling information or underweight products. ​​INSPIRON SYSTEMS LTD are leading suppliers of Weighing, Labelling and […]
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