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Combination Systems (Checkweigher + Metal Detector)

We have a number of different level Combination Systems, from Entry Level weighing and checking 40 pieces per minute all the way up to Full Supermarket Specification running at 200 pieces per minute. 

Whether you need high precision or need to just weigh and detect bulk products, with have the right solution.

Please see below just a few samples from our Combination range. For more information please do not hesitate to contact us.​

INS-CM-Series Entry Level Combination System Checkweigher & Metal Detector System

Key Features:

– Scale Capacity up to 10Kg
– Dynamic Weighing
– Weighing Accuracy from 0,5g
– Standard Protection IP54 with optional IP65 protection
– Speed of up to 140 pieces per minute
– Tool free Conveyor Removal
– Weighing Records saved to USB or Network
– 3 working modes (Standard / Average Weight Full Average Weight
– Stop and Alarm mode
– Predominantly Stainless Steel Construction

Options Include:

– Metal Detector Aperture Size
– Automatic Pusher Reject(s) for non-conforming products
– Lockable Reject Bin(s)
– Realtime monitoring software via TCP/IP
– Choice of Reject to suit your product and application
– Bin Full Sensor(s)
– Reject Confirmation
– Reject Confirmation Sensor
– Air Pressure Monitoring
– Door open alarm
– Full enclosure from Metal Detector head to end of machine

Typical Reject Device Options:

  • Flipper Reject
Typically used for high speed rejection for packs up to 1000g. Two reject arms can be fitted to to reject products in different directions (under weights left, over weights right)
  • Flipper Reject
Typically used for high speed rejection for small and light weight packs up to 300g.
  • Air Jet Reject
Typically used for medium speed applications for products weighing up to 3Kg.
  • Pneumatic Retracting Conveyor Reject

Typically used for small and un-packaged products.

INS-CM-03 Dynamic Checkweigher with Integrated Metal Detector

Key Features:

– Scale Capacity from 10g to 7.5Kg
– Stainless Steel Construction
– EC Type Approval
– Colour Touch-screen Display
– Average Weight Statistic Reporting ​
– Options​ of Reject Device (Pusher / Blow etc.)
– E2R Production Networking Software
– I / O Control
– Up to 200 packs per minute
– Mesutronic Metal Detector with Varies size Apertures
– Option of BRC compliant, Full Supermarket Specification or custom to your exact requirement