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Labelling System FAQs

As standard our Label Applicators are equipped with standard Label Sensor for detecting traditional paper labels (non-transparent).  If you need to apply clear / transparent labels you will need to replace the Label Sensor with an Ultrasonic Label Sensor.  The Ultrasonic Label Sensor is easily installed and can be fitted by your own staff in a matter of minutes and is very easy to setup.  The new Ultra-sonic sensor when setup can detect both traditional paper labels and clear / transparent labels, so there is no need to keep swapping between the two.

If you have more questions around this, please contact us here.

Labelling Systems - Label It

We have a complete range of Labelling Systems to suit almost every application.  Whether you are labelling food packs or bottles we have the perfect solution.  Our range of Labelling systems suit small independent own brand companies up to multi-national companies supplying some of the biggest supermarkets in the world.

Our Labelling systems are designed and manufactured for high usage, reliability and ease of use ensuring you can always fulfil your orders and in a cost effective way.