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Vision Inspection System

We are proud to represent the renowned German manufacturer ESPERA-WERKE GMBH, distributing their complete product range across the UK and Ireland.

In addition to award winning Weigh Price Labellers, Espera produce one of the best Label and Pack Vision Inspection Systems in the world, The DvC.

ESPERA DvC Vision Inspection System

Camera-controlled product and package inspection for 100% quality control. Reject non-conforming packages that have incorrect labels, erroneous barcodes and imprecise traceability information.

Ensure high quality packaging and labelling standards are always maintained with the ESPERA DvC Vision Inspection System.

Combine your ESPERA DvC inspection system with the appropriate reject system. The ESPERA ES-X reject system allows sorting of faulty or badly printed packages. But can also be combined with other sorting commands from the labelling system.

Standard features of the DvC include:

  • Two standalone machines – seamlessly interconnected
  • The DvC vision inspection system can be fully operated through NOVA software
  • Camera-guided quality control of labels and label content
  • Label inspection on various package formats, e.g. round, rectangular, oval
  • Position detection of the label on the package (including rotation detection)
  • Detection of up to 2 labels on the top side and 1 label on the bottom side of a package
  • Check of barcodes and QR codes printing quality as well as content check
  • Check of text fields, logos and barcodes on a label
  • Recognition of fonts and logos > 1.5 mm
  • Online remote service
  • Network connectivity (system-independent)