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Vision Inspection System

We are proud to represent the renowned German manufacturer ESPERA-WERKE GMBH, distributing their complete product range across the UK and Ireland.

In addition to award winning Weigh Price Labellers, Espera produce one of the best Label and Pack Vision Inspection Systems in the world, The ESVS.

The Espera ESVS Vision Inspection system is the perfect machine to check your printed film and printed label information is correct.

The ESVS can be positioned at the end of any production line where you are eapplying sleeves or labels to products. The ESVS will also check you have the correct pre-printed film and that any promotional label is correct and accurately placed.

The ESVS system is easy to operate and can handle all types of packaging, such as Top Sealed Trays, Shrink Wrapped Packs, Flow Wrap Packs, Vacuum Packs and even Whole Chickens – Whether your packs are flat or uneven the ESVS is second to none!

Standard features of the ESVS include:

– Top & / Or Bottom Cameras
– Automatic Top Printer Positioning
– Reject Device with Lockable Bin & Reject Confirmation
– Statistic Reports
– Speeds of up to 150 pieces per minute
– Storing of every pack photo which was accepted by the ESVS
– Reject Device with Lockable Bin and Reject Confirmation
– Check & Stop Criteria
– Reporting System

The ESVS has endless functions, such as:

– Checking the Display Until / Best Before Dates are correct according to your ERP System
– Checking of the Price per Kg
– Checking the data and content of the barcode are correct
– Checking the barcode will scan
– Checking you are using the correct labels for the Product
– Checking the Special Offer Labels are applied where applicable
– Checking the Pre-printed film is correct for the Product
– Checking the Pack seal is not contaminated
– Checking the Label position and orientation is correct
– Automatic Rejection of non-conforming packs into Lockable bin
– Easy setup and Programming Guide
– Multi-Language
– Plus much much more