Balancas Marques

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Balancas Marques Weighing and Labelling Systems

Inspiron Systems are proud to represent Balancas Marques in the UK, supplying their market-leading weighing and labelling solutions nationwide and in Ireland. Balanças Marques add value to the world of weighing and have won a number of awards for their products, focusing on innovation and creating the systems of the future.

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Balancas Marques was founded in 1967 in Portugal with a mission to bring the best weighing solutions to the market. They are now able to supply them across the world via suppliers like Inspiron Systems, and they have a direct presence in five markets as well as exporting scales to 20+ countries. 

Balancas Marques Accolades:
  • Best Weighing Company in the World 2021
  • Best Retail Scale in the World 2021
  • Best Weighing Software Solutions in the World 2021

Balancas Marques claim that technology and innovation are in their DNA. They are a privately owned manufacturing business and they fully develop products from electronics and software, which includes mechanics. All solutions are designed with precision and control, so they can deliver to their full potential.