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ETPOS is a billing software that allows the management and control of points of sale in a simple and reliable way, with excellent results. With more than 30,000 installations in different countries, ETPOS adapts to the demands of different markets and to different legal and fiscal obligations.


Solution for ETPOS Software Management



BMGest is a software solution that complements your ETPOS billing system, allowing you to streamline and centralise processes and tasks.

BMGest allows you to equip your ETPOS with all the necessary data in order to optimise the performance of your business. In the same way, you can collect all the data generated, thus allowing a detailed and accurate analysis of your sales and resources.

BMGest was specially designed to assist you in running daily management routines in a more agile and efficient way.



Mobile Application for Remote Control of Marques Viewers



The QUILO app allows an easy, fast and secure access to any Marques indicator, anywhere! Check out all the advantages that this simple and intuitive application offers!

Control the weight indicators remotely as if you were in front of them.

Allows you to receive technical support remotely

Communication through the TCP/IP protocol, allowing an easy and fast configuration of the equipment you want to control

Weight display in real-time

Display of weighing units in Kilograms (kg) or Pounds (lb)

Unlimited configuration of weight indicators with the ability to activate only those that you want to control at the time

Access to all functions available on weight indicators: On/Off; Shift/Cancel; Zero; Tare; Fix Tare; Sending data/Printing; Total

Access to all signal indicators that shows the current state of the equipment: Count; Total; Tare; Fix; Net; Stable weight; Zero

Available 3 different operating modes: normal, configuration and editing

Compatible with all MARQUES weight indicators with Ethernet connection

Application available for Android® or Apple® mobile devices (smartphones and tablets)

Languages: Portuguese, English, French, Spanish and Chinese



Issue of Weighing Documents



Creation, alteration and elimination of registrations, companies and products


Issuance of Weighing Documents:


Automatic numbering


Manual or automatic insertion of Enrollment, Company and / or Articles


Acquisition and automatic visualization of Current Weight:


Direct: Establish a direct connection with an external program (DDE - Dynamic Data Exchange protocol)

File: Imports the current value of the weight of a Multi-Article text file


Automatic insertion of the Current Weight value in the weighing fields


8 Advertising lines in the header of the weighing document


Save / Print Documents and / or Lines (Individual Weighing)


Semi-Automatic Weighing


Bibascula mode Two-way connection


Viewing and / or Printing Result Maps


The computer that will support the software should have the following configuration:


Windows XP, Vista or 7 operating system

Serial port to connect to the Display

Parallel port or series for printer connection (optional)

CD player






Graphic interface to connect Marques Displays to a PC

2 Weight and tare displays in the display (Continuous reading)


Display Status Indicators (Error, Tare, Stable, and Zero)


Emulation of Display Function Keys (BM100 or BM1000), allowing your remote control


Ticket Printing with Gross Weight, Tare and Net Weight (for printers with Serial or Parallel interface)


Connection status monitoring


Report Event and Error Reporting


Re-transmission of the current value of the Weight to other programs in two modes:

- Direct: (DDE - Dynamic Data Exchange protocol) Establishes a direct connection with the target program (must have the ability to implement the DDE protocol, : Billing programs.) & Nbsp; - File: Provides the current value of the weight in a text file

Possibility of operation in hidden mode

The Weightwin Interface Software is designed to work in: - Windows XP, Vista or 7 operating system - Serial port for connection to the Display
- Parallel or serial port for connection of printer (optional) - CD player






BMlabel software allows a simple way to program Marques commercial scales remotely

Management of multiple companies



Tag scheduling

Programming departments and headers


Traceability programming for beef

Programming dictionaries

Download tickets or labels in real time or at the end of the day

Backing up the balance database

Creating and printing scales keyboards, either automatically or manually

Detailed or summary sales totals on the monitor, printer, or export in CSV file

Totals with filters application, in monitor, printer or export in CSV file


System requirements:
- Windows XP, Vista or 7
- Serial port or USB 232 converter
- Parallel or serial port for printer connection (optional)
- CD player

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