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Upgrading to Espera Nova

Case Study: Upgrading to Espera Nova

  Upgrading to Espera Nova The Brief: A valued Inspiron customer for over 20 years, our client was looking to upgrade their existing Espera machinery to the latest digitalisation technology, which provides many benefits, such as increased label accuracy, higher throughput and maximum up-time. Our customer specialises in the production of cooked and sliced meat […]
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Inspiron Team at Farm Shop and Deli Show 2022

The Farm Shop & Deli Show 2022

The Farm Shop & Deli Show 2022 Inspiron Systems attended the 2022 Farm Shop & Deli Show with our partners, and manufacturers of the BM5 retail scale, Balanças Marques. The NEC Birmingham was the perfect centralised venue for the event which included the U.K Food and Drink Shows from April 25th – April 27th. We […]
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Upgrading to a Combination System

Inspiron Systems supply state of the art, robust and reliable Checkweigher Metal Detector Combination Systems for all types of applications at affordable prices. There are many things to consider when investing in new machinery for your factory floor. Will I be losing space? What about training our operators on the new machinery? Where will the […]
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Reducing Giveaway/Overfill Infographic

Reducing Giveaway and Underfilling, Whilst Improving Efficiency

Increasing Efficiency in Food Manufacturing: In today’s competitive food and beverage market maximising profits and increasing efficiency, whilst not compromising product quality, is at the forefront of every manufacturer’s mind. Underfilling Underfilling can be an expensive error to encounter in any production line. For example, in 2015 Tesco had to withdraw nearly 67,000 of its […]
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Food Labelling and Packaging Requirements for 2022

2022 Food Packaging and Labelling Requirements When selling packaged food, there are strict requirements that need to be followed in terms of the packaging used, as well as how it is weighed and labelled. Here, you can learn about the labelling and packaging requirements you will need to adhere to in 2022, and the types […]
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X Ray Inspection Machinery

X Ray Inspection Benefits

X Ray Inspection Food safety is paramount for all Food Manufacturers, many product recalls are caused by the failure to detect foreign objects in packaged foods.  Metal Detectors have limitations, and any product recall is damaging to your business reputation and to the consumers health.  X-Ray Inspection Systems give a much higher level of detection […]
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The Cost of Food Recalls

The Cost of Food Recalls The cost of food recalls is a significant, and mostly, avoidable expense for any business. Food recalls can be due to incorrect labelling, cross contamination, and foreign contaminants. To avoid food recalls Inspiron Systems would recommend investing in your end-of-line production equipment by ensuring that you have up to date […]
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About the Balancas Marques BM5

Inspiron Systems are proud to be the exclusive distributors for the Balancas Marques company in the UK. Balancas Marques are a private family-owned manufacturer of scales based in Portugal and selling worldwide. The Balancas Marques BM5 range of scales has been voted the best retail scale in the world by the Weighing Review magazine for […]
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