Industrial Weighing - Platforms

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monocell platform scale


Specially designed to be connected to BM500 Indoor, but can be used in any normal application

Completely built in stainless steel

Fully enclosed frame

Rubber washers at the 4 rack outlets for better protection against liquid entry into the base

4 limiters, in the corners of the platform, that allow to bear on loads higher than the maximum capacity

Static overload limiter on load cell

4 adjustable feet that allow its leveling and its installation on the ground or balcony

Load cell with IP 65 protection and CE approval certificate

Connecting cable to the display with 40cm

EC Approval Certificate No. E99-00-0003

Platforms compatible with our full range of Viewers

Equipment subject to EC verification

M 25 34

Dimensions: 25 x 34 cm
Capacity: 3Kg
Division: 1g


Dimensions: 25 x 34 cm
Capacity: 6Kg
Division: 2g


Dimensions: 25 x 34 cm
Capacity: 15Kg
Division: 5g


Dimensions: 25 x 34 cm
Capacity: 30Kg
Division: 10g


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