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Retail/Commercial Scales

We are proud to represent the Balancas Marques company in the UK.

Balancas Marques are a private family owned manufacturer of scales based in Portugal and selling worldwide.

Balancas Marques are an award winning company and currently hold the titles for:

  • Best Weighing Company in the World 2023
  • Best Retail Scale in the World 2023
  • Best Weighing Software Solutions in the World 2023

Below you will find different models of BM5 range of Retail Scales to suit all applications.

BM5 Arm Double Body

BM5 Junior Double Body

BM5 Junior Double Body Label

BM5 Junior Flat

BM5 Junior Flat Label

BM5 Arm Suspension

BM5 XS Suspension

BM5 Suspension