Espera Multi-Roll Printer

If you currently carryout many labels changes on your automatic Weigh Labelling machines, or have to sort packages before they can be labelled then the Espera Multi-Roll Printer Weigh Labeller would be an ideal machine for your production. The Espera Multi-Roll Printer can be loaded with up to 5 different label reels. The correct label can be applied to each single pack by either weighing the pack, scanning a barcode on the pack or selected automatically via an ERP System, this means you can have a chaotic infeed where 5 different products can be processed and labelled in one production run without having to stop the production line. Having the capability to pre-load the Printer with 5 Label Rolls drastically reduces label changeover downtime, manually sorting and storing of packs and reduces the amount that products have to be handled by operators.

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