New Block Weighing System Installed at Aegean Heritage Ltd

Aegean Heritage Ltd have purchased a new Weighing Station for Weighing Feta Blocks into the High Care Cutting Room.

The new Weighing Station is used to record individual Block weights of Feta Cheese prior to being cut. The system has two main processes, the first being that every Block weight is recorded. Each weight is stored in a database to assist with the Yield control, the second is that by weighing each block before cutting the Operator can select the correct Cutting Tool, this reduces unnecessary waste and gives a more accurate cut of the Feta into small blocks.

The system has been installed with both an IP67 rating Terminal Touchscreen and IP67 Scale which allows them to easily clean the machine without the risk of damage.

Since installing this system only a few weeks ago it has already improved the efficiency within the High Care Department.

If you need a system to weigh your product before being processed please contact our Sales Team on 01788 890235 or email

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