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This scale was developed to facilitate the weighing of small pieces of meat without losing the benefits of a conventional scale

Basically formed by a supporting structure that supports the body with two hooks

All of this high rigidity structure is screwed directly into one end of the load cell while the other is attached to the wall or support structure.

The assembly incorporates a safety screw, load limiter, to prevent damage caused by accidental overload

The design of this platform allows a great saving of space, due to its design and type of assembly, not taking up useful floor space

Its construction guarantees its perfect functioning in the most aggressive environments

The support structure is in Steel, protected by hot galvanizing treatment, the body and the two hooks are in Stainless Steel

The load cell fulfils an IP67 protection, with the EC approval certificate mentioned in the respective technical data sheet

EC Approval Certificate No. E99-00-0003

Platforms compatible with our full range of Viewers

Equipment subject to EC verification


Capacity: 150Kg
Divisions: 50g


Capacity: 300Kg
Divisions: 100g


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